School Reopens
Following the long holiday which followed the end year exams, the school re-opened on 5th January with about 95% of the students reporting on the first day and with all teachers present.
The principal (Phineas) welcomed the students back and challenged them to work extra hard in order to achieve their objectives. Alice (deputy Principal) asked the students to be disciplined as usual as discipline goes hand-in-hand with success in academics.

Classes Resume
After the normal opener exams- which are meant to test what the students have been doing over the holiday period- were done the same opening week and currently normal class routine has resumed. Below are some of form three Geography class students doing some research on the types of vegetation found in Kenya.

Science Congress
This term we are going to have science congress competitions, and with that in mind, Simon (our intern working with pilot program at Leparua, Ngarendare, Lewa and Subuiga schools) has come up with a science club in which is Motto, Vision and Mission are:

  • A man can fail very many times, but he is not a failure until he gives up
  • To make Ntugi Secondary a centre that produces the best scholars of science in the District.
  • To use the knowledge learnt in class in improving the world we live in.
  • To make learning of science more interesting
  • To encourage inventiveness and innovation
  • To create positive attitude in science
  • To present ideas at Ntugi to the rest of the country through the Kenyan Science Congress targeted to reach at National level.