The school has resumed from a long break which was due to the presence of National Election. It is during the break that the 2012 K.C.S.E. Exam results were released and the class mean had raised from the 4.5652 to 5.1452 as illustrated by the graph below. The increase in mean score has been greatly boosted by presence of computers in the school which were introduced by Ntugigroup.

And in games, the girls team emerged as the District Champion, while the boys were the District runners up in 2013 competitions. This is attributed to presence of Modern basketball field, which was kindly constructed by donors through Lewa education Program.


The eagerly anticipated visit of members of Ntugi Group from Toronto lastly happened. This was on 6th of June 2012. This was to mean alot of positive changes and improvements in the computer project which started back in 2009. In pack for us was the replacement of the old XO1.0 machines with new faster XO1.5.
Below are some of their pictures just after arrival
Here is Amal and Kevin relaxing just outside their camp

Mark enjoying wildlife at Lewa

Volunteer teacher from Texas U.S

We have a volunteer teacher from Texas U.S.A who will be with us for the month of February. Bailey McEachern

who is a graduate from Huston-Tillotson University in Austin Texas will be assisting in teaching of some various subjects a well as in Games. She donated Two basketball to the school team, in the thanks giving speech by the games captain, he promised that they will work towards achieving better results than previous years.
also on the pictures is the principal, Phineas to the right and The Coach, Godfrey-at the center.

The computer club members have been given some task in which they should be in groups and then create a story using FotoToon below are some pictures of the activity taking place