The OLPC XO laptops are used in various lessons in the school, especially the Sciences.
Below are some pictures of our Chemistry teacher, Walter, working with the students using the computers in measurement of pressure in a chemistry class.

On Tuesday, Walter traveled to Ngare Ndare Secondary School to introduce how the Vernier USB sensor apparatus works with the XO's. Ngare Ndare is a new secondary school in the area and is one of the participants in the Ntugi Groups' OLPC initiative.

Apart from using the XO laptops in the school, we made an agreement with the Computer Club, after consultation with their leaders who include Jackline, that the members of the Club should be allowed to be carrying computers home during week days in order to increase their contact hours with the OLPC laptop.

The club has been very busy working out a simple Memorize activity which the Form Ones (who are reporting on Monday 30th, January) will use in order to know the science equipments faster.