After Matthew introduced recorder usage in our school, most of the students had a hope that one day they will be using them to conduct assembly during the flag rising days. Below is photo of session of the occasion with some students leading the rest in singing National Anthem using recorder.

Kevin(from UCC) organised some red cabbage seed for Walter(one of our teachers) for their science congress project. They are being taken good care of by the students and currently they have reached the transplanting stage as shown in the photo below.

Christina and Ayeshika (visiting teachers from York university in Toronto) donated some soccer staff to our boys' team which included soccer uniform and soccer ball. Below are pictures of the presentation.
This is our principal and the games captain receiving the uniform.

Students are being given the uniforms by Ayeshika(partially hidden) and Christiana

And this is the whole team after dressing. On far left is the principal and Christina and on far right is Ayeshika