Ayeshika and Christina came to our school in the beginning of this term as volunteer teachers. They have been assisting in teaching Geography and History.
Below is Christina explaining drainage system in form three Geography class as Yershika watches on.

Not only were they teaching but also they donated some stuff to different groups in the school.
With aim of assisting in painting in some areas in the school, they donated some painting equipments to the painting club as shown in the oicture below.

These are the jounalist recieving some novels as principal Phineas watches on.

And then later some books to the guidance and councelling club.

Not only did they remember the students but they also remembered the teachers as they gave them some office equipments which were recieved by the curriculum teachers(Moses-far left and Francis with Principal witnessing)

Last week as we had a Board Of Governors(B.O.G) meeting, Ayeshika and Christina joined the group in the B.O.G photo below.

And finally being sports people they also remembered the games department and donated somes games attires to them. Below on far left is Godfrey(games master) and the games captain-Joseph and his assistant-Doreen recieving the items.

In Games:
We had some seven students from our school representing the district in sub-provincial athletics games held at Meru school. Here is Martin(our student) participating in 3000M stepple chase race.