Re-opening of the school.

The schools reopened today and as usual a good number of students were presents. Cleaning was done by the students simultaneously with staff meeting which was chaired by the Principal.
Among the things discussed by the staff were the way forward and means in which discipline can be improved in the school. It was also noted that the Horizon program which was initiated by Mark and the group from UCC should start but to begin with from home(our school). The meeting was concluded at 1:30 pm.
Tomorrow we shall be starting the opener exams which are meant to test what the students have been doing at home, and to encourage them to be working at home.

Here is a photo of students as the staff meeting was underway.
We have some two teachers from Toronto Canada who will be with us for a whole month on their teaching practice. They are Ayeshika Wicks (left) and Christina Suppa from York university


Computer lab construction is still under way as displayed by the photo below.