Mid-Term break

The School has been running well. Yesterday the form four students had a chemistry practical in preparation of the main exam which is due on Oct. They conducted a full practical session, below are some photos of the same.

The basketball field which was kindly sponsored by Jim from Canada is almost ready for use with the remaining bait being the drying up of the board supporters. The students are so much willing and ready to start using the field and they promised good results come next competitions.

A group of dentists students from Norway paid our school a visit today in which they educated the students on the best ways of keeping our teeth healthy. they also donated toothbrushes and toothpaste to our students who were so much glad of the same.

Finally the school broke for midterm today in which the students are expected back in school on Tuesday 28th June. We have three students who will be participating in Safaricom Lewa marathon, hence we shall have majority of our students at the occassion to cheer their collegue.