On my own behalf and on the behalf of Ntugi mixed day secondary school, let me thank every body for supporting the school in the construction of the school library and in particular the county council for donation of the materials for the construction of the library. the parents and the community are proud of this kind gesture.
However, although we did our best the libarry is incomplete although we exhausted the materials and the funds available. This has been very challenging year especially after two consecutive seasons without rainfall.

I kindly appeal to any development partners to come to our aid and assist us see the completetion of the construction of the library and the beggining of its functioning. I am sure the library will boost out performance and it will also be useful to the community in their personal studies and researches.

i am sure this will boost our perfomance and keep our current upward trend( in terms of mean score) intact.

Below is a picture of its current state.

Thank you and may God bless you so much