Today was the orientation day for the form ones. With the prefect body having done their part and assisted the form one to elect their class prefect, it was duty of the teachers to introduce them to secondary school.
Among those who talked to the students is:
  • Godfrey (Games master and computer supervisor) He encouraged them to be active both in class and the field. He also told them to be free to be visiting the computer lab when they are free and get some computer knowledge.
  • Francis (H.O.D Mathematics) He did some introduction to mathematics and told the kids that they have to have positive attitude in oder to pursue in mathematics
  • Rosemary(H.O.D languages) She encouraged the students to be speaking english through out for the best results in their exams.
  • Walter(H.O.D sciences) He told the students that science is part of life.
  • Moses(H.O.D curriculum) Moses told the students the need for seriousness in the class work if they want their future to be okay.
  • Alice(Deputy Principal) Talked about discipline
  • Phineas(principal) Emphasized on all what the previous speakers had talked of.
This photo shows Phineas talking to the students...

and this second photo shows some part of the class:

Form one class room block is under construction:

This picture shows the room with some students in front of it: