Its some days to christmas-the most celebrated occassion in Ntugi community and generaly the whole of Kenya.
People around this area are gearing up with th preparition of the same, remember for the previous three years we have not harvested enough yields(Farming is our backborne), so this year being the best in three years, everybody is so happy and there is no reason not to celebrate and celebrate joyfully.
Before the occassion day we usually do some prior preparations which includes:
  • Inviting you family members
  • Purchasing either a goat or some chicken
  • Buying of new clothes(without these most people can't believe its christmas they are celebrating)
After this we wait for Christmas Eve evening when we go to the church inorder to ensure that 00000Hrs (when Christ is born) comes when you are awake and you are in group.
25th December no working just parting.