Internet Connection

Our school has got internet connection courtesy of CradlePoint company and the Safaricom company in Kenya.
CradlePoint donated a very powerful machine whose coverage is about 1KM on a flat land.


Above is the CradlePoint category MBR1000.

Cradle point has also provided us with other machines which include the 8 routers (both PHSs CTRs and MBRs) CradlePoints which we use to connect 18 OLPCs.

These machines are of great importance. They are used by students in their studies, as well as connecting to the rest of the world. Teachers also have found them of great use as most prefer to do their lesson plan at home, some other teachers are using these machine in their studies( like Kimathi who is taking a masters degree)

We use Safaricom modems and sim card.

Safaricom is our data provider. Erick from Safaricom helped with the interface between Safaricom and CradlePoint.

CradlePoint has kindly supported the purchase of our safaricom data for a whole year.